8 Unique Garage Storage Ideas for 2023

You know the saying- new year, new garage! Perhaps the adage doesn’t go exactly like that, but this is still the perfect time to redesign your garage into a total storage haven. Do you have boxes stacked up in strange places and hooks hanging from your ceilings and walls?

It’s time to unpack those dusty boxes and ditch the hooks because we have some unique garage storage ideas that will transform your space for 2023. Get comfortable and ready to take some notes because we’re going to dive right in.

Use PVC Pipes for Storage & Design

PVC pipes are inexpensive, sturdy, and perfect for adding a little extra aesthetics to your garage storage systems. Install them on your wall to create a fun pyramid pattern and create the perfect garage shoe storage space. Or, cut them into a cone shape, then install them horizontally on your wall and use them to store shovels, rakes, and other tall tools. 

Recycle Your Old Furniture

Why go out and buy new garage storage systems when you can recycle your old furniture? It’s better for your wallet and the environment! Old bookshelves can easily be transformed for garage shoe storage, and old dressers make the perfect spot for organizing seasonal clothing, tools, or even bulkier items. Fold up your inflatable pools, break down your soccer nets, and put them in an old dresser to keep them safe in your garage.

Replace Hooks With Drop Down Storage

Drop-down storage shelves that hang from the ceiling are becoming a huge trend for garage storage. These drop-down storage systems can hold heavier and bulkier items while getting them off the floor and out of your way. These drop-down storage shelves are also the perfect place for storing large totes filled with odds and ends you don’t plan on using soon but aren’t ready to get rid of yet.

Use a Tower Rack for Yard Work Tools 

Garages are the place where all the rakes, shovels, leaf blowers, and other yard work tools live. Instead of trusting hooks on the walls to hold them up, we recommend investing in a tower rack! They come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find one that will fit your space. You simply drop your tools hand-side down into the tower rack, and it keeps their dirty side off the ground while holding them in place and in easy reach.

Use A Bike Rack for More Than Bikes

Bikes are a great form of transportation, exercise, and fun! However, they’re tough to store unless you’re willing to hang them from the wall or invest in a bike rack. Adding a bike rack to your collection of garage storage systems is an excellent way to diversify your storage because they can also store other bulky items. And, if you don’t want to buy a bike rack, you can easily make one yourself out of PVC pipes or an old wooden ladder with the help of some online DIY tutorials.

Build Up, Not Across

Focus on adding vertical shelves and storage units rather than horizontal ones to maximize your storage space. Wire shelving works perfectly for vertical storage. These shelves are easy to install, easy to clean, and can hold plenty of weight.

Add a Pop of Color With Bins

Bring some color into your garage by using different colored bins for your storage systems. Choose a color for a specific purpose (green for winter clothes, blue for holiday decorations, etc.) and stick to it. Using color-coded bins will enhance your organization and give a fun flair of color to your garage. 

Label Everything & Lose Nothing

Every storage guru will tell you to use labels when you’re reorganizing, and there’s an excellent reason for that! Shuffling around all the items in your garage can lead to a lot of confusion down the road, so do yourself a favor and label absolutely everything. If you don’t want to buy a label maker, then get some masking tape and a permanent marker.

Organize Your Garage With Harkraft

Whether you need more unique garage storage ideas or you already know how you want to transform your garage, Harkraft can help. Contact us to transform your garage storage systems today!