5 Updates Your Bedroom Would Ask For if It Could Talk

Bedrooms tend to be a catchall area for items that don’t work in any other area of your home. This is especially true for those who live in smaller homes where storage space is seriously limited. 

However, there are ways to make even the smallest spaces work! If your bedroom could talk, it would have a ton of stories to tell, but it would also ask you to organize some clutter. Bedrooms offer a variety of spaces that aren’t always used to their full potential.

You need bedroom shelving ideas, and we have them in spades. Here at Harkraft, we understand the struggle homeowner’s face to make the most of their space. That’s why we’re sharing this guide of 5 updates your bedroom would ask for if it could talk. Let’s dive right in.

Revamp Your Closet Storage

Closets are the perfect place for storing items you don’t use on a daily basis. Storing clothes or shoes that aren’t in season or don’t get used frequently in your closet is great until they pile up and take over!

There are tons of options to help you make the most of your bedroom’s closet space. If you have a bar inside your closet for hanging clothes, then you should consider getting a hanging closet organizer. You can put shoes, extra clothes, and any other trinkets you might want to store in your closet in these organizers. 

You’ll keep everything out of the way and in its own dedicated space. Your closet will look and feel less cluttered while being able to store even more items!

Update Your Unused Spaces

You might not realize it, but there’s probably a ton of unused space in your bedroom. The wall space above your headboard or on either side of your window provides the perfect opportunity for some additional storage. 

These are the perfect spots to add some wooden shelves. You can pick a finish that suits the style of the rest of your room, so they look great and accentuate the style of your room. 

Shelves above your headboard are the perfect place to store extra sheets, pillowcases, and other linens. If you put shelves up on either side of your window, then you can display old knickknacks or trinkets that have sentimental value but don’t fit in your other rooms.

Your Bed Needs an Update, Too

Did you know that your bed is covering a ton of valuable storage space? Storing items underneath the bed isn’t just for kids who want to get out of cleaning their room properly! It’s the perfect space for anyone who’s tight on storage space and needs to get creative.

Instead of just shoving boxes of old decorations or personal items under the bed, go the extra mile and add some pull-out storage containers! They look and hold up better than regular boxes, and you could even get organizers for the inside of these containers for your smaller items. 

Add More Shelves to Your Closet

Another great way to make the most of your limited closet space is to install some extra shelves. Wire shelves would work well in a bedroom closet because they’re easy to clean and hold plenty of weight.

You can store plenty of items on these wire shelves, and another benefit is you can hang other storage containers off them! You could even use simple clothes hangers to hang additional clothing off the wire shelving.

Built-in Cabinets Are Trendy

Some bedrooms have unique designs where a wall juts out a bit into the room. If you have a set-up like this, then this is the perfect opportunity to build in some custom cabinets or drawers.

They look great and, because you’re building into an existing wall, they don’t take up extra space. You can use these drawers to store items that normally take up too much space in your closet or wardrobe and they’ll become a gorgeous feature in your bedroom.

Make Your Bedroom Happy With Harkraft

Whether you want one or all of these five-bedroom updates, Harkraft is here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you transform your bedroom into a storage haven.