5 Alternatives to Remodeling You May Not Know

Implementing a full remodel just isn’t in the cards for every homeowner. Sometimes the financial burden is too great, and for others, the mental load is just too much to take on. But, what about when you want the feel of a remodel? There are some great alternatives to remodeling that will help give your home a brand new look without going through all the hassle of a full-scale remodel.

We know you need solutions to help make your life easier and spice up your home’s aesthetics. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 alternatives to remodeling you may not know. We’re going to talk about custom cabinets, shelving tips, and a whole host of other creative ideas that will get your home looking and feeling brand new again!

Custom Cabinets

Changing out the cabinets in one or several rooms of your home is a great way to change up the aesthetics, create a new flow, and increase your storage space. You could get some crafty custom cabinets installed that fit your space in a unique way that completely alters the flow of your room.

Even just updating your cabinets and getting them in a different color or finish will make your rooms look and feel different. It’s also a great opportunity to install extra cabinets for more storage space or change the layout of your cabinets so daily items are easier to reach.

New Shelves

Shelving may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about alternatives to remodeling, but the shelves in your home can do a lot for the flow and aesthetics of your home. Installing new shelves in key spots, like on either side of your entertainment center in the living room, can help cement that spot as the focal point of the room.

It’s the perfect spot for storing knickknacks, family photos, artwork, and any trinkets you’ve collected over the years that you’d love to put on display. Another great idea is to replace some outdated, bulky furniture with sleek wire shelving units. 

They take up less space than large dressers or cabinets that have been relegated to storage, and you’ll be able to put your treasured items on display.

Updated Mirrors

Updating your mirrors is a must for updating the feel of your home. You can replace the mirrors in your bathroom and on your vanity to suit the new design you’re implementing. Whether you’d like some custom mirrors or simply a new style, there’s a whole world of options out there just waiting to be discovered!

A New Coat of Paint

Nothing quite changes up the feel of a house like a new coat of paint! Repainting your rooms is a great way to update the aesthetics of your home, and sets the tone for the new design that will flow through every room.

Try to stick to neutral colors for the shared areas of the home, such as the living room, kitchen, dining, room, etc. You can always spice up the color choices in your bedrooms and bathroom. 

Freshen Up the Flooring

Just like with repainting, changing the flooring is the perfect way to alter the feel and look of your home. You could stain your hardwood floors in a different shade, replace some carpets, or add some new tile to your bathroom and kitchen. 

Changing up the flooring will help tie in the new theme or design of the rest of your home. The look of your home will feel cohesive as you walk from room to room and admire the final result of your alternatives to remodeling!

Update Your Home Aesthetic With Harkraft

Here at Harkraft, we want to help every homeowner’s dreams come true. We can help you install some new custom cabinetry, shelving, and mirrors to create a brand new feel to your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with this project.