4 Ways to Free Up Storage Space Throughout Your Home

No matter the size of your home, it seems there is never enough space for storage. Ask anyone, and they will likely have the same set of complaints about closets and seasonal storage, pantry space, or the difficulty of wedging one more thing into the garage. We know you mean to quickly and easily find the large serving platter you save for holiday parties or to wheel your bike out of the garage without threading the needle of cars, lawnmowers, and soccer balls. Still, most people usually feel like we’re falling short of our organizational goals. Keep reading for some space saving tips for your home.

Take Inventory

Before you begin the satisfying task of trying to create organizational calm from chaos, take a look at all the things you’re trying to store. Set aside some time to go through problem areas in your home. Every house has a place or two that seem to accumulate things meant to be dealt with later, but are often quietly forgotten instead. 

You know where to look in your house: it could be the hall closet which should be storing bedding, cleaning products, or cozy throw blankets, but is instead crammed full of all these things plus board games, an old game console, sheets for a twin bed when every bed in the house is a queen, or… who knows what’s in the back! Take everything out of each problem spot and don’t put anything back in that doesn’t belong there.


Once you’ve taken all miscellaneous items out of miscellaneous hiding places, think about where things should be stored in your ideal storage scenario. If you would like everyone’s shoes to be kept in the front closet to avoid teenagers tracking mud down the hall, rearrange your storage to reflect that. All the shoes might not currently fit where you want them, but we’ll get there. If you want all your serving dishes to have a home in your pantry for easy access when cooking big meals, keep that in mind as you look through the pantry throwing away expired items and the orphaned lids you no longer need.

Use All of Your Space

One of the more common ways to create new storage space is to think vertically. If you currently have a pantry but need it to hold more, install shelves that are higher than you can reach and keep a step stool nearby. Items that you use less frequently, like holiday dishes or bulk paper towels can easily be kept in slightly inconvenient spots like high shelves because you don’t need to access them daily.

In bedroom closets, use all the space available by taking advantage of the space behind the door to store shoes or scarves. Installing dividers on wide shelves means you can create taller stacks of sweaters or denim without avalanches. Reconfiguring the arrangement of hanging space to shelving for folded items to reflect how you actually store your clothes is also a good idea and easier than you think.

Space saving tips are made for the garage. Simple hooks can hold bikes upside down. Clips and hooks on the walls can get brooms, rakes, and shovels away from a precarious spot leaning against the wall. Shelving in the garage should climb higher than you can conveniently reach to stow seasonal or seldom-used bulky items out of the way.

Create Dedicated Storage

Taking a deep dive into your house’s problem storage areas may have put some things into focus. Congratulations on donating, tossing, or selling unwanted items instead of storing them indefinitely. Even after moving some things around, it might seem like you’re not able to get the most out of your laundry room, garage, or storage room.

Installing some custom storage solutions will re-invent your storage space. Durable, low-maintenance, and easy-to-install wire shelving systems are an excellent place to start and can be customized to any room in the house. From the laundry room to the linen closet, a wire shelving system created for your space has the power to transform and create efficient storage.

Completely customizable laminate cabinetry systems are another option for re-envisioning your storage spaces. Laminate cabinets can include shelves and benches with hooks and cubbies for a high function, high style mudroom, or locking cupboards in closets or garages to keep expensive tools or costume jewelry out of little hands. 

Harkraft is Here to Help

Whether you’re longing for a showpiece master closet or simply wish your garage had enough space for your cars and the lawnmower, Harkraft is here to help you discover all the options. With decades of experience, the designers at Harkraft are happy to guide you through the process. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you love your storage spaces.