4 Mudroom Ideas That Could Work for Your Home

For decades, people have been neglecting their mudrooms and leaving them looking shabby and unorganized. This prevents them from taking advantage of a significant amount of valuable storage space. At Harkraft, we understand the value that an optimized mudroom can provide. That’s why we create customizable designs to best suit your needs. You can target organizational, spacious, functional, or simplistic styles for your mudroom. Or perhaps you want to personally design your mudroom and are just looking for a bit of inspiration. Regardless of your situation, we have you covered!

Don’t have a mudroom? That’s okay! We’ll show you how to make a makeshift mudroom later on in this post as well. So whether your mudroom comes off your front door, garage, or even back patio, we’ll provide you with four customized designs that will turn any space into a useful mudroom for your home.

1: The Extra Storage Space Mudroom

Do you need extra room for storage? Are you tired of going all the way to the attic for supplies? Then this “extra storage space” mudroom might be the one for you.

This convenient design gives you the most storage opportunities for the smallest of places. Starting with cubbies or shelves that are above eye level makes the room appear larger and allows you to hide bulkier objects within sizeable boxes or baskets.

One variation of this style will give you individual columns (almost like a locker) directly under your upper shelving, which you can then designate to specific people and help keep things more organized. If you label the individual lockers, you are more likely to keep things organized and accessible.

Any additional drawer space below is perfect for storing smaller items. By utilizing a design similar to this, you are tripling available storage space in your mudroom and making it a purposeful room in your home.

2: The High Traffic Mudroom

Do you have a lot of dinner parties? Get a lot of visitors? Then this “high traffic” design is the one for you.

Instead of having intricate, organized spaces for every individual in your home, try a simple hanging design. Providing hooks for people to hang up their jackets and coats gives your entryway simplicity and functionality.

Variations of this include a strip of coat hooks along the wall or a simple coat hanger—both provide the same function, so it’s really up to your style preference. You may want to include a bench so you can keep shoes and other items out of the way as well.

3: The Simple and Stylish Mudroom

Not looking for anything special but still want to dress up your entryway? Then this design is the one for you.

For homes without a designated mudroom and with lower traffic, a straightforward and classy design is the way to go. This design may not seem like much, but it can provide flow from your entryway to another room. This design allows visitors to get a taste of your style without being bombarded with a bunch of clutter and belongings. The simple and stylish mudroom is perfect for condos and apartments that are low on space. You may also consider placing a small bench in your entryway to provide people with a place to take their shoes on and off.

Variations on this design include hanging statement art pieces, coat hangers, and an entryway table.  

4: The Makeshift Mudroom

Don’t have a mudroom? This makeshift mudroom design will transform any entryway into a functional and attractive area.

The entryway is the first thing people notice when visiting your home. But some of us are not lucky enough to have a designated mudroom, so we must improvise.

By utilizing a cabinet structure, you can make it appear as if you do have designated space for a mudroom or entryway. Instead of throwing jackets, shoes, and bags onto the floor in the entryway, you now have a place to store items and keep them out of the way. A cabinet with columns or lockers allows for multiple people to utilize this space and keeps things more organized.

Another option includes adding a standing wardrobe. This will allow guests to use hangers for their jackets and close the wardrobe doors to hide clutter. No more tripping over shoes or complaining that your entryway is too cluttered!

Call or message us today for more tips on maximizing the potential of your mudroom.