3 Easy Steps for Better Bathroom Organization

When it comes to home storage solutions, your bathroom may need some work. Bathrooms can be a hodgepodge of toothbrushes, mouthwash, shower products, face wash, make-up, and so much more. How many times have you desperately searched through your bathroom for a specific item and given up on finding it?

You need practical solutions to bring harmony to your bathroom. Say goodbye to running late in the mornings, or going without your face wash in the evenings. We have some amazing bathroom organization ideas that will change the way you use your bathroom, and keep all of your daily items easily accessible.

Step 1: Get Creative With Your Shelves

Maybe your bathroom already has a couple of overloaded shelves, but there’s so much more you can do with your wall space. Adding additional shelving may seem like a hassle, but it will transform the way your bathroom looks and functions.

Here’s a quick list of shelving ideas that can turn your bathroom into a well-organized room:

  • Floating Shelves– You can add floating shelves on either side of your bathroom mirror to store all of your daily necessities. This is the perfect place for your make-up, face wash, skin care products, and more! Adding some floating shelves will get them up off your bathroom sink counter space and into their own perfect home. 
  • Shelving Units– These handy standing shelving units are the perfect place for extra towels, rolls of toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. You can set this unit up in the corner next to your toilet, alongside your sink, or anywhere else you have a bit of space. It’ll keep your larger extra items organized and easily accessible. 
  • Divided Shelves- Sometimes items get easily misplaced with open shelving units, which is why divided shelves are ideal for bathrooms. They basically look like little cubbies, and they’re perfect for smaller items that you want to keep out, but separated in their own space. You could roll up towels to place in these, store your extra shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc and be confident that they’ll never fall over onto each other or get mixed up.
  • Wire Shelves– Your bathroom is the perfect place for wiring shelving. Not only are the aesthetics of wire shelves ideal for a bathroom setting, but they’re also super easy to clean and great for storage. They’re great for holding heavier items, such as jugs of cleaning products, dehumidifiers, or portable washing machines.

Step 2: Get Drawer Organizers

Out of sight, out of mind is a common phrase for a reason, and it applies to your bathroom drawers as well. When you toss in all the little bits and bobs that are part of your daily routine into your bathroom’s drawers, you probably forget about them for a while.

Until you need to dig through that drawer for 15 minutes, desperately searching for a hair tie, and end up late for work. That’s why you need some drawer organizers. You can get little trays with multiple compartments that are perfect for keeping your smaller items separated and easy to grab at a moment’s notice. Seriously, this will take hours off your bathroom routine over time.

Step 3: Keep Your Countertops Organized

Keeping the counter space organized in your bathroom can be challenging. You don’t want to put any fabric organizers up there for obvious reasons, which is why plastic trays are such a great investment.

You can get them in practically any color and shape so they’ll make the look and feel of the rest of your bathroom. Trays are the perfect place for keeping your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair brush, etc. 

The great thing about these trays is that they’ll contain the inevitable mess that comes along with oral care in a small space. All you need to do is rinse out these trays with some hot water and give them a quick wipe once a week to keep them clean. 

Not only are these trays great for bathroom organization, but they’ll also help keep your counters clean.

Organize Your Bathroom With Harkraft

Whether you need to install some custom shelving, or you need a new mirror to allow for more storage space around it, Harkraft can help. We’ll work with you to get the right dimensions, style, and fit for your space so your bathroom becomes a place of organized harmony rather than chaos. Contact us today to learn more and get some great bathroom organization ideas.