2023 Storage Trends for Minnesota Homes

There’s nothing more satisfying than being prepared for every eventuality. For Minnesota home storage solutions, that means getting your home ready for rough winters, muddy springs, and extremely humid summers. 

Are you ready to dive into the 2023 trends for Minnesota home storage? Let’s get started!

Hide Your Seasonal Items

The constant shifting of seasonal items can be a colossal headache for homeowners. You have to put away your fans and window AC units and replace them with space heaters every single year. 

These items are heavy, bulky, and awkward to store. It’s not recommended to store window AC units or space heaters in your basement or garage, where they can be exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. So, where should you put them?

It’s time to look into creating built-in storage spots. Plenty of homes have unused spaces, like under staircases, that are perfect for this purpose. 

Adding a built-in cubby under your stairs or in the back of your closet creates the perfect place to store these essential eyesores. 

Easy-to-Clean Mudroom Storage

Coming in after shoveling snow or trekking through the puddle of mud your yard has become during spring can turn your mudroom into a disaster zone. That’s why homeowners are leaning towards minimalist and easy-to-clean storage solutions for mudrooms in 2023.

Before we talk about storage solutions, let’s start with your mudroom floor. Are you using hardwood? It’s not the best surface for cleaning up melted snow and mud. Make the switch to vinyl flooring, and watch your cleaning time get cut in half!

Now, for the storage solutions. Get rid of your plastic totes and hardwood shelves. Replace them with sleek, easy-to-clean wire shelving units to keep everything off the floor and away from the mess.

Switch out plastic totes for an open wardrobe. You’ll have plenty of room for storing toys, clothes, etc., and it’ll be way easier to keep clean. Instead of dirtying the lids of your totes, you simply hang up your clothes and set the toys on the shelves of the wardrobe. Without doors, you’ll have far less cleaning to do.

One more idea for your mudrooms is to install a sturdy pegboard or some simple hooks. It’s the perfect place for storing snow shovels, extra pairs of coats/hats/gloves, and more.

Promote Self-Care With Your Storage Solutions

Self-care continues to be a popular trend, and that’s influencing Minnesota home storage trends for the upcoming year. 

Add a reading nook to your living room where members of your family can take some space to themselves and use the reading nook for extra storage. Use a flip-up bench on the reading nook to create an easy-to-access toy box or holiday decoration storage area. 

Hang baskets of fruit over your kitchen island for a healthy snack option that’s obvious when someone walks into the room. Use a hanging wine storage rack in the living room to safely place lit aromatherapy candles away from prying hands.

Add built-in cabinets to your bed’s headboard or add drawers under the bed for storing personal care items, so they’re always within easy reach. The sky’s the limit with incorporating self-care into your home storage solutions.

Use Your Corner Space

The corners of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom are an excellent source of unused space. Get some gorgeous, hardwood corner bookshelves, or get some custom cabinets to cover the area. 

You’ll have an excellent spot for displaying knickknacks and storing extra books, clothes, and toys. Plus, it’ll look amazing and help your home feel full without feeling crowded.

Jump on the Trends With Harkraft

Are you ready to update your home for 2023? There are a ton of innovative Minnesota home storage solution trends to put into place that will help make your life easier and provide you with the storage you need. Contact us today to get started!