2018 Bathroom Trends

Deciding to update and refresh your bathroom seems like it would take a lot of work but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The hard part of creating your custom bathroom is deciding on the design. You want to go with a design that is timeless but compliments your personal taste. Your bathroom design doesn’t have to be too complicated, though. Sometimes even just updating fixtures and accessories can turn your bathroom from blah to spa.

If you’re googling remodeling bathroom ideas constantly, but still coming up short, we’ve rounded up the best trends of 2018 that will help your bathroom look fresh and trendy. While these designs may be new and emerging onto the bathroom design landscape, if done right they can still make your bathroom feel timeless and offer you major value when it comes to selling your home.


Black is back and matte black fixtures are becoming more and more popular this year. Black is a timeless option that never goes out of style and utilizing the color through new fixtures makes it easy to incorporate into your bathroom design. It allows you to be bold with your design choice or keep things minimal with all the attention on your fixtures and accessories.

Another trend, quite opposite of black, that is popping up everywhere is the use of brass or gold fixtures. The warm-toned colors are the perfect complement to the gray colored walls that have become more and more popular in recent years. Brass or gold fixtures can give your bathroom that luxury or rustic feel you’ve always wanted.

Free-Standing Bathtubs

In most homes, you typically see the tub and shower all in one, but be on the lookout for a more modern take on the bathtub – free-standing. A free-standing bathtub is the ultimate luxury when it comes to bathroom updates. It can make your bathroom design feel more like a spa retreat than just an ordinary room you take showers in. A free-standing bathtub can also serve as an elegant centerpiece to your new, modern bathroom. If you have the room, this type of bathtub can be the one thing that is missing in your bathroom oasis.

Integrated Showers

Integrated showers are becoming more and more popular in modern bathroom designs. These showers flow seamlessly into your bathroom, as they are typically floor-level designs, making your bathroom feel uncluttered and obstacle free. In an integrated shower, you will typically find a half door, rather than a full door. They can make a smaller bathroom feel a lot bigger, as well, and are easier to utilize if stepping in and out of a shower is difficult.

Unique Lighting

One simple way you can update your bathroom without having to do too much work is with your lighting fixtures. Utilizing bold sconces or light bars in your vanity are just a couple of ideas. This is where you can really let your personality shine through. Whether it’s simple and elegant or bold and creative, lighting used strategically can make a world of a difference in your bathroom design.

Neutral Styles With Organic Undertones

Having a neutral bathroom is never the wrong way to go. Going for a bathroom design scheme that has a color palette of greys, whites, and warm browns will provide an elegant, timeless feel in your space. While neutrals will be popular for quite a while, many homeowners and designers are adding a more organic feel, as well by choosing earth-toned neutrals.

If you already have a neutral colored bathroom, adding an organic touch to it can be really simple. Utilizing bathroom accessories that have nature-green, blue, or warm brown hues to it will do just the trick. Create an organic feel with your fixtures, by adding wood or stone accents, or installing nature-inspired wallpaper on one wall can really add a calm, relaxing feel to the room.

Update Your Bathroom With Harkraft

Ultimately, the style, design, and feel of your bathroom should be your personal preference. Trends often come and go, that’s why it is important to choose a design that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Utilizing some of the current trends with a mix of your personal style will help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to update your shower door or just simply switch up the fixtures and accessories, at Harkraft we can help you create that timeless bathroom design you’ve always wanted.