​Top Minneapolis Contractors for Custom House Projects

When it comes to renovating or building an addition to your home, homeowners will tell you the contractor that you hire to complete your vision is an essential component to the overall success of your project. Here in the Twin Cities, homeowners are fortunate to have a wealth of outstanding contractors to choose from.

To help homeowners find the right contractors for their custom home storage, we decided to put together a list of some of the most respected contractors in the area. Though many of the contractors on this list can assist in numerous types of home projects, we’re going to separate them by specific project categories.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the list.



Renovating existing bathrooms or building additional bathrooms are among the most common home improvement tasks homeowners choose to undertake. With good reason, as bathrooms are a great way bring value to your home. Here are a few awesome contractors to consider when you’re ready to break ground on your next bathroom project.

Castle Building & Remodeling

Website: http://www.castlebri.com/portfolio-bathrooms/

Why Castle: Castle Building & Remodeling offers Twin Cities homeowners a number of home-improvement services. As for bathrooms, they have tons of experience and the portfolio to prove it. After a few minutes of looking over their portfolio at the great bathroom work they’ve done, you’ll see how they’ve earned such a stellar reputation.

K2 Bath Design

Website: http://www.k2bathdesign.com/bathroom-remodeling/

Why K2: K2’s design team boasts an impressive record of performing over 5,000 bathroom and kitchen consultations in the Twin Cities. If you look at the photos of completed bathroom projects on their website, you’ll see why they’ve done so many. Whether you’re upgrading a full bathroom or adding a much-needed half bath for the basement, you’re in good hands with K2.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Website: https://www.dreamkitchenbath.com/bathroom-remodeling/

Why DreamMaker: DreamMaker is an award-winning company who can help you execute your dream bathroom beautifully. Need some convincing? Take a peek at the wonderful breath-taking redesign they did in Bloomington by watching this video clip.


With the frigid winters we experience here in the Twin Cities, having a garage to provide your car with much-needed sanctuary from the snow and ice is an invaluable asset. We also love our toys here in Minnesota. Whether you’re into fishing, boating, camping, bike riding or
cross-country skiing, a garage can provide you with plenty of space to store your equipment.

Here our some great companies to work with in the Twin Cities if you’re looking to build or expand your garage.

Western Construction Inc

Website: http://www.westernconstructioninc.com/Garages

Why Western Construction: Western Construction has been providing homeowners in the Twin Cities with garage solutions since 1949. Western assures that their clients will be delighted by the practical and beautiful garages that they build.

Minneapolis Garage Construction LLC

Website: http://minneapolisgarageconstructionllc.us/

Why Minneapolis Garage: Minneapolis Garage Constructions skilled force of carpenters take pride in the customized garages they build. Their team promises a quick completion process of about 21 days. From teardown to erecting your new garage, Minneapolis Garage Construction offers homeowners a complete solution.


They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Who’s they? No one really knows, but many agree with the sentiment. If you’re looking to make your dream kitchen plans a reality, here are some awesome contractors to work with.

North Star Kitchens

Website: http://www.northstarkitchens.com/

Why North Star: North Star Kitchens brings 40 years of experience to your custom kitchen project. They represent a tremendous blend of quality and creativity. Take a look at their impressive portfolio to see what we mean by creativity. From beautiful countertops to elegant bars, you can’t go wrong with North Star Kitchens.

Crystal Kitchen & Bath

Website: http://www.crystalkitchen.com/#

Why Crystal Kitchen: Crystal Kitchen is an award-winning company who offer homeowners full-service remodeling, cabinets and countertops. If you’re looking for a contractor that has experience building a variety of kitchen types, look no further than Crystal Kitchen. With a portfolio of traditional, contemporary and transitional designs, Crystal is a great contractor to consider.

Twin Cities homeowners have plenty of trustworthy options when it comes to custom home projects. When you decide to start your next bathrooms, garage or kitchen project, consider one of the trusted contractors listed here. Once your home project is completed, look to Harkraft to satisfy your storage needs.

At Harkraft Building Products, we specialize in providing a variety of services to help maximize your home projects and storage. Whether you’re looking to expand your cramped closet storage or install a stunning wine cellar, Harkraft has you covered.